Our full service extends from consulting and planning to the final implementation. This also includes programming and modernization. If desired, we can also take care of the maintenance of your machines.

Adapted to your wishes and needs, we design a completely individual service package, because the challenges for manufacturing companies are as diverse as the products they produce. HS Automation GmbH, based in Vöhringen, is your competent and reliable partner before, during and after the commissioning of your automation. Our competent service portfolio naturally also includes comprehensive maintenance contracts. Because our many years of experience have shown that the costs for regular machine maintenance are lower than for machine repairs or even production downtime.


Whether partial modernization, retrofitting or replacing your entire plant, modernization offers numerous advantages (fewer repairs, operating costs and production downtime with maximum efficiency). We upgrade automated machines with outdated control technology with contemporary control and software.


Industry 4.0 would be unthinkable without the use of individually programmed software. The many years of experience and know-how of our programmers are the best prerequisites for meeting the plant-specific software requirements of your industrial plants.


In order to meet your requirements when planning complete production and assembly lines, influencing factors must be taken into account – especially when selecting the manufacturing processes/methods. Whether manufacturing concepts such as flow production or island production are used – we offer the appropriate automation.



Service from the initial idea to the actual realization of an automation facility. Execution of annual UVV tests of press controls and safety light barriers. We have the most modern technical equipment and continuously participate in training and testing.



With consistent machine maintenance (predictive maintenance), you avoid costly repairs, production downtimes and fully utilize the life cycle of the machine components. Of course, we also carry out repair work on our systems and supply original spare parts.



Assembly planning must be followed by optimal implementation of all manufacturing measures. You can confidently place everything related to automation technology in the hands of HS Automation. We consistently implement your planned ideas, fulfill requirements and wishes until the plant is ready for production.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is understood as the merging of production with the digital world. The basis is formed by intelligently networked systems that can control and configure themselves. Increasingly powerful sensors and actuators, electrics and electronics, information and communication networks have become indispensable in Industry 4.0. Within production, machines, plants, products, logistics and people are interlinked so that they can communicate and act together. Through this networking, entire value chains – and not just individual production steps – can be optimized. An important new milestone for industry. Industry 4.0 also enables new dimensions in terms of protection for people, the environment and machines, as well as maximum utilization of component life cycles. In this context, there is talk of condition monitoring. This “condition monitoring” is based on periodic or permanent recording of the machine condition.

On the one hand, sensor data analyzed in real time enables a very fast-reacting safety system (improved emergency shutdown), and on the other hand, the type of maintenance can be perfected. Whereas in the past the usual maintenance of the machine involved shutting it down at fixed intervals, checking it and often still replacing an intact component, predictive maintenance is breaking new ground. Based on collected data and analyses (Big Data), reliable statements are possible in order to proactively maintain machines and systems. Proactively self-determined maintenance measures can prevent actual malfunctions and avoid downtimes. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are fixed components of the company philosophy of HS Automation GmbH with regard to the effective implementation of Industry 4.0.

Experience a complete project planning process

From planning – through the quotation phase – to construction and beyond, we are your partner you can count on.