Our products fit seamlessly into your production. Increase your quantities, optimize quality and productivity.

Our product range extends from automation equipment, robot automation to systems for the production of series parts, automatic assembly machines and conveyor system technology. By using already proven systems, the effort for planning, development, installation and commissioning can be reduced. To find the right solution for you, whether the classic customer-specific automation or the customized special solution. In addition, we offer robot technology as a system supplier from KUKA, as well as the associated peripherals and individual programming for your entire production workflow. In the case of an assembly line with a scalable level of automation, for example, the aim is for us to accompany you from the production start-up of the prototype through to series production. If it is foreseeable that the product will run in larger series, we simply upgrade the cost-effectively manufactured “semi-automatic machines” to “fully automatic machines”.

Robotic automation

KUKA Robot – 3kg to 1000kg

Robot with transfer function

Replication of a transfer in the automative area

Interlinking robot

Handling of stamped and bent parts for E Mobility

3 Robots with transfer function

Reproduction of 3 transfers in the automotive sector

Unloading robot

Automatic production of beam clamps

FAST Picker

Handling of lamellas
(1kg up to 200 picks / min.)

Spot welding cell

Spot welding of automotive parts

Spot welding cell

Spot welding cell

Special machines

Production line

Thermoforming sheet production

Special machine

Automatic setup jig for positioning tools

Production line

Automatic production of beam clamps

Conveyor systems

Electronic pincer feed

Electronic feed unit for profile and surface-sensitive materials
(up to 600 strokes/min at VL=5mm)

3to coil turning device with transport racks

3to coil turning device with transport racks

6to coil turning device with 90° tilting function

25to coil turner with turning and rotating function

Coil turning device

Roller feed

Roller feed for strip widths from 120mm – 1800mm

Strip welding line

Mobile and mobile automatic strip welding machine
(50mm – 1000mm / strip thickness 0,5 – 5mm)


Strip straightening machine for strip widths
200mm – 1800mm

Feed straightener

Feed unit in space-saving design
(200mm to 1800mm)

Scrap shear

Scrap shear for separation of punching strips
(250mm to 1250mm)

Double reel

Double reversible reel with load capacity 2x200kg – 2x10to


Single reel with load capacity 200kg – 25to


C eccentric press

C-frame eccentric presses with pressing force 10to – 105to