3D Metal Printer

Revolutionary in additive manufacturing

New manufacturing method for your products in almost any shape and size.
Fast, sustainable and cost-effective.

Metal 3D printing is a new breakthrough technology. The DED (Directed Energy Deposition) process, enables welding beads with a minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm to be printed precisely on top of each other. In addition to single material printing, the print head equipped with multiple lasers also allows two different metal materials to be processed simultaneously in one printed part.

The material possibilities are enormous. Stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, nickel, titanium and many other materials can be used without any problems.

Save time and money, become flexible and independent from external suppliers in production and improve your environmental footprint with the new 3D metal printing solutions from HS Automation.

ADVANTAGES of the 3D metal printer:

Minimum material waste

Up to 90% cost saving

Up to 4x more productivity

Design freedom

Optimal microstructure

Controlled process

Minimum overlap


3D Metal Printing Solutions

The new 3D metal printing solutions from HS Automation in cooperation with MELTIO. For stand alone operation in single part production. For CNC integration in hybrid production, for repairs and adding new functions. For robot integration, for large, complex parts and laser buildup welding. With our equipment, we also enable you to move from niche to industrial applications.





Exhaust manifold

Screw compressor

Ship propeller

Combustion chamber

Watch bezels

Gas turbine blade


Knee implants

Design steel beam